We think differently

We think differently about people who think differently.

Instead of looking at autism as a disease, Haim sees it for what it is: simply different. With equal parts heart and vision, Haim seeks to make our world a lot easier for all the people who see things a little differently.

What is Kind ABA™?

What is Kind ABA™?

It’s ABA that believes that your child’s personality is something to be celebrated, not suppressed.

While traditional ABA can be formulaic, Kind ABA™ is loving, compassionate, and kind, a set of guidelines that help form a genuine connection between therapist and client.

Not only does Kind ABA™ strengthen the child-therapist bond, it also improves behavioral outcomes. Because when clients feel safe and supported, the very best things can happen!

At Haim, Less is More.

At Haim, Less is More.

ABA is a lot like parenting: Sometimes, an extra treat or more TV time is effective. But why start there when your child might just need a hug?

At Haim, we double down on warmth and use rewards and consequences with care. Every “intervention” has its side effects, so we start with the basics: skilled support, compassion, and the right kind of attention. And we’ll keep going from there.

Our philosophy around treatment methodology is: Gentle guidance. Conscious changes. And, of course, a huge dose of heart.

Our Mission


At Haim ABA, we employ Kind ABA™ to nurture clients and empower parents. We seek pragmatic care solutions while staying idealistic at heart. And we endeavor to help everyone at Haim feel like family.

Meet the Founders

Zisha Russell
CEO, Founder

Meet Zisha Russell: a dedicated husband and father who values family above all. Growing up, Zisha's parents fostered a child with cerebral palsy, and that act has inspired Zisha's life since. Utilizing his background in real estate and business, Zisha brings valuable expertise to Haim ABA, helping establish a solid foundation for success. Together with his wife Sara, Zisha turns dreams into reality by transforming the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum with exceptional care.

Sarah Russell
Clinical Direction, Founder

Sara Russell's experience with autism began as a foster child, growing up with a foster sister with autism. She gained understanding and empathy through her journey in the autism field, especially working at Camp Mishkon and Yaldeinu School. Sara became a BCBA and, together with her husband, founded Haim ABA, aiming to create a warm and safe environment for those they serve. Her dedication and compassion make her an essential part of the team, empowering families and providing exceptional care to individuals with autism.

ABA, done differently.

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