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Helping people with autism be their best selves takes heart. Here, we’ve mastered the balance between care that’s expertly effective and deeply empathetic. Come home to smart, strategic, and kind ABA™. Come home to Haim.

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Gentle Steps

Gentle <span>Steps</span>

Small changes can often make a big impact. Haim offers gentle, thoughtful ABA support, taking care of not to intrude on your child’s sense of self.

Big Hearts

Big <span>Hearts</span>

Kind ABA™ is behavior therapy with a huge dose of compassion. It’s that heart that helps kids grow beyond what you ever believed possible.

Smart Strategies

Smart <span>Strategies</span>

To set effective goals, Haim BCBAs prioritize the most important skills for your child to learn — and set research-proven strategies in place.

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Why Haim

Your child needs skills to thrive……

Your child needs skills to thrive…

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a research-based therapy that helps people with autism fill gaps in their social skills, behavior management, and more.

At Haim, we go a step further, enriching our clients’ lives and equipping them for lifelong success with compassionate, comprehensive care.

Our ABA Services
…And a plan set it in motion.

…And a plan set it in motion.

Every person is different. The Haim ABA process is uniquely tailored to your child’s unique needs and goals, helping them thrive in the world around them.

After a gentle evaluation, we’ll set your loved one up with one of our heart-led therapists. Then, we’ll equip parents with research-proven behavioral management strategies — and go from there!

Our Process

Love Letters

The Haim family is a family for life.
These unedited letters from grateful parents empower us to do what we do!

We had an incident tonight that could have become aggressive, but it didn't. He caught himself and apologized and was rational. We actually had some nice conversations and I am so grateful!

Frida G.

I was hesitant sending him to a friend's party tonight after a long day of being social... He went and stayed overtime! Is this my kid? Love sharing this with you.

Randi I.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that it's been going great with Racheli! Struggled so much with therapist in the past. She's really amazing with Michael!

Rachel E.

Having therapist come to my house is a completely different experience. I finally feel like Eddie's and even my family is getting the support he needs. Thank you

Grace B.

Raymond is out of his room and playing with his brother! This is life-changing. Thank you for sending me someone like Golda.

Merna S.

Your child deserves

Your child deserves to be looked at as a person, not a problem.

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Understanding Autism

Wondering about your child’s development or behaviors?
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